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The PHILIPPINE DANCE COMPANY of Boston, Inc. (PDCo) displays the true spirit of volunteerism, cooperation, friendly and harmonious association. A non-profit group, its main objective is to preserve and promote the Philippine’s rich cultural heritage. Where else can we start to perpetuate our Philippine culture, but with our own families! The company has provided a place for our American born children not only to be conscious of their culture, but to appreciate, learn and be proficient in performing traditional Philippine folk dances.

The members have represented the Filipino-American community at various ethnic festivals and community events not only in the Boston area but throughout the New England states.


The dance company’s repertoire provides a window for the diverse and rich cultural heritage of the Philippines, its customs and traditions, its many regions and the people’s different ways of life, their love for the beauty of the nature that surrounds them, their gaiety and friendliness. To achieve its purpose, the PHILIPPINE DANCE COMPANY of Boston knows there indeed is no better way to showcase, promote and preserve a country’s and it’s people’s cultural history than through a panorama of dances, music and songs.





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